October 2020 in Reception 2

In Reception 2 during phonics this month we have been focusing on reading CVC words. We put sound buttons underneath each sound and then use robot arms to blend them together! We’ve also been practising our letter formation and independently writing shopping lists for our class birthday party.

One of our book focus’s this month was Oliver’s vegetables. We enjoyed trying a range of vegetables in class. We used our senses to talk about how the vegetables smelt, touched and tasted.  We’ve also had the opportunity to plant our own vegetables. We planted cress and have also been soaking the top of a carrot and parsnip to observe the changes.

Before half term our role play area in Reception 2 was turned into a baby clinic. We have been learning how to look after babies and have discussed how people change as they get older. The children particularly enjoyed giving the babies their milk bottles and changing their nappies!