October 2020 in Year 1/2

During October, year 1-2 have been enjoying their History topic, finding out about the Great fire of London.  They found out how it started and spread so easily, discovering that it was Samuel Pepys’ diary which gave an account of this historic event.  They drew some 1666 style buildings, observing the architecture, in preparation for creating a cardboard house to be burnt in our own Great fire of Wheatcroft outside. Also, they used the red, yellow and orange background to add silhouettes of buildings, with windows and adding 3 D flames to show London ablaze.

In English, year 1-2 have been reading a variety of books and writing creatively, including describing their own imaginary world.  The display shows this writing, together with artwork.

In math, they have been doing place value, ordering numbers, for example on bead strings, number lines, 100 squares and using dienes equipment to understands how tens and ones make 2 digit numbers.

In science, we have been finding out about the properties of different materials and what they are used for and why.  Year 1-2 have done investigations to test how waterproof certain materials are and whether they would be suitable to make an umbrella.