October 2020 in Year 1

In October we have been enjoying working on our Topic ‘The Great Fire of London’ in Year 1. We found out how we know about the fire – because of Samuel Pepys’ diary and we made posters of him burying his valuables. We made our very own Tudor houses out of cereal boxes and then we were able to re-enact the fire in The Great Fire of Wheatcroft! As you can see it was very exciting. Mrs. Waller was there to explain to us how we would stay safe and to put the fire out.

In English we have been writing instructions, we read Gruffalo Crumble and then made our own Gruffalo dishes and wrote instructions for them. We enjoyed going outside to make our dishes! We also read Plenty of Love to Go Round and wrote a lists and labels based on pets.

In Maths we have been working on addition, using number beads, cubes and counters. We have been working on part whole models (or cherry trees), solving story problems and finding the missing part. We had lots of fun with our adding games.

In Science we have been learning about materials, we did an experiment to find out if different materials were waterproof and tried to find out which one would be best to make an umbrella out of.

We also enjoyed making our autumnal artwork and we hope you enjoyed them at home too!