October 2020 in Year 2

We had a brilliant day creating a re-enacted of the Great Fire of London, we created our own houses out cereal boxes and lined them up close together; just like a Tudor street. We also created a brick house in the middle so we could see how much safer houses are today. We pretended one house was the bakery and watched how the fire spread. Mrs Waller explained to us how to be safe while we were watching and helped us to ensure the fire was put out safely.

In Art we have been looking at silhouette pictures. We thought about the colours that made up the night sky when the sun was setting, we used a range of water colours and blended them in. We then linked our Great Fire of London topic and created houses as the silhouette.

In Science we have been exploring materials, we looked at the characteristics of different materials and thought about why they are used for different jobs. We then carried out an investigation to see which materials was waterproof, we will then use this material to help us create our own waterproof umbrella.