October 2020 in Year 5/6

5/6 have continued to work hard through October.

In English we have been using the book ‘Monsterology’, learning how to become ‘monsterologists’ and studying mythical creatures. We wrote out own non-chronological reports about our own mythical beasts such as the ‘Tigbit’ (half tiger, half rabbit) and the Dogodile (half dog, half crocodile).

In Maths we have been learning about multiplicative reasoning, applying known facts to larger calculations and have started using formal methods to multiply large numbers.

We have been enjoying investigating the solar system in Science and carried out an investigation in to how the depth of a crater can be impacted by the force, speed, weight, size or angle of the object. We used marbles and flour to investigate this. Linked to our Science topic we listened to a live Q & A from Astronaut Tim Peake, who gave an insight in to life as an astronaut. In our new Science topic on Light we have started by investigating how curved, transparent objects change the image of an object and recorded our observations.

In other topic areas we have enjoyed using oil pastels in Art to create movement and have also used them to create our ‘harvest art’ using the skills we learnt in our Art lessons.