October 2020 in Year 6

Year 6 have been very busy!  Although we were not able to hold our traditional Harvest celebration, we enjoyed creating autumn-themed artwork and then a few of us went to the Hertford food bank to present this; art has also gone to Braziers Field and the Ware Road Day Care Centre.

We have really been enjoying our T-Zone and Trim Trail times – at times, we can be like monkeys!

In Art, our topic has been people in action and we have worked really hard with pencils and pastels to recreate different movements; we are very proud of our ‘split’ pictures.

In English, our text has been ‘Planetarium’; we have written our own non-chronological reports about a planet and tried to imitate its style.

In Science, we have been working on our enquiry skills and enjoyed testing different ‘meteors’ (marbles!) and how they made different craters based on the angle, height or size of the marble being dropped.

We have a lot to be proud of!