October 2021 in Reception 2

This month we started visiting the forest as part of our weekly forest school lessons. We have enjoyed exploring the area and using the natural environment to support our learning such as creating repeating patterns with sticks, leaves and stones.

In Maths we enjoyed finding different ways to make patterns such as with shoes, with children, with paint and with dinosaurs, to name a few. We also compared objects by looking at height, length and width. We enjoyed using a height chart to measure each other and discussed who was the shortest/tallest in class.

In English we enjoyed reading lots of different stories such as “Little Red Hen” and “Oh Dear!” One week we focused on scarecrows and enjoyed singing the song “I’m a Dingle Dangle Scarecrow” and learning the signs to go alongside it.

In RE we thought about role models and what makes a good role model. We linked this to the Christian faith and learnt about some of the miracles Jesus performed such as healing the sick. We thought about some of the role models in our own lives and how we could be good role models for others.

In PSHE we thought about ways we could be helpful at home. We really enjoyed looking at the jobs everyone had been doing at home through Tapestry.