October 2021 in Year 1/2

In Maths, we have been exploring how to find and make 2 digit numbers using diennes and tens frames, identifying how many tens and ones are in 2 digit numbers. Each week in our arithmetic lessons, we’ve been practising how to add and subtract, as well as multiply by 2, 5 and 10.

Our Science lessons have been super exciting! We carried out a range of different investigations about materials. One of our favourite lessons was testing whether an object will float or sink. We thought carefully and made a prediction for each material.

For our music lessons, we have been learning all about tuned and un-tuned instruments. We all made a musical instrument using a paper plate and some elastic bands. It was so much fun!

This term in our Computing lessons, we have been practising how to log in and out using the computers in the ICT suite, as well as using the ‘2Simple’ program to create a picture.

On the 7th October, we celebrated National Poetry Day by writing our own poems. One of our favourite English topics this term has been ‘List Poems’. As a class, we learnt a poem called ‘Inside My Head’, which allowed us to imagine all of the different things listed in the poem.

As a class, we created a harvest wreath using autumnal colours and some different materials such as tissue paper, card and foam. We discussed what harvest is about and thought carefully about how to show this within the finished wreath.

In art we are learning about the artists Van Gogh and Monet landscape paintings.  We have practised mark making and used them in our own artwork inspired by Monet in this photo.  Also, we learnt about mixing primary to secondary colours, then adding white for a tint and a tiny bit of black, to make a shade.