October 2021 in Year 3/4

The children of Year 3/4 have taken great pride in their work and learning this half term, having great fun while doing so! Here are some comments from the children of their favourite moments:

“I enjoyed our art lessons, especially when we used paint to mix shades for backgrounds.”

“We researched how Howard Carter discovered King Tut… and he didn’t even find the first step, a kid did!”

“I loved running all together as a class, as part of our daily mile.”

“Using the laptops to play Spelling Shed, hive games and TT Rockstars to ‘Rockslam’ with my friends is a great way to practice my spellings and time tables!”

“PE was brilliant! We have been learning basketball outside and playing games in groups.”

 “We found out how they mummified people. They get the brain out of pharaoh’s noses with a metal hook!”

 “We pretended to be Howard Carter and write diary entries.”

 “I like practicing my PE skills at break time on the basketball court.”

“I like that we have been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a class… It always makes me smile when we sing ‘Oompa Loompa’ song when they are mentioned!”

 “I like having a new teacher!”

“We made our own paper gingerbread houses. I look forward to sharing these with my mum and dad.”

We are looking forward to Autumn 2. Here are some select photos from October.