October 2021 in Year 6

October has been another very busy month in Year 6. We have completed some Harvest art to send to local residents as well as completing our annual donations of Harvest food; Mrs Miller was able to take this along with some of our children to the Hertford Food Bank where they found out about the vital work that the food bank do.

Back in class, we have been carrying on with our work about evolution and adaptation in Science. We have completed the next chapter of our work on Darwin’s Dragons, imagining what happens next after Farthing and her siblings are swept into the drain and are very proud of our stories. We also enjoyed a live poetry lesson from Simon Mole on National Poetry day and then enjoyed sharing our work with peers outside.

In Science, we completed an investigation about different types of beaks; we used different tools to see which were most effective to pick up a seed, mimicking how creatures would survive and adapt in the wild.

Finally, our German is also going well. We have learnt basic greetings, can hold a very short conversation and have been learning our colours, using them to describe different flags. Wunderbar!