October 2022 in Reception 2

In Reception 2 we’ve been learning about size in maths. During forest school we searched for natural objects to put in size order such as sticks and leaves. We then used language such as big, small, skinny, wide, long and short to describe the objects.

The children have also enjoyed exploring our home corner this month and cooking dinners for the babies in the kitchen.  Led by the children we then made a list of foods we needed to re-stock at the supermarket. The children decided it was a high priority to buy some new nappies and baby food. We then role played changing the babies nappies and making baby food using the playdough.

In English we’ve been reading the story of pumpkin soup. The children we very curious as to what was inside a pumpkin so we decided to explore one. We used a knife to cut open the pumpkin and learnt the names for different parts of a pumpkin such as pulp, seeds and stem.