October 2022 in Year 1

In History we have been making Tudor houses ready to put them together with all of KS1 for our Great fire of Wheatcroft.  Mrs Waller set them alight safely and we all watched how quickly the fire spread, with the wind, just like in the Great fire of London.  Then, back in class, we wrote a recount of what we saw, heard and smelt during the fire.

In art, we looked at how silhouettes are made and cut out our own so the outline shoed what it was.  Then we looked at tree silhouettes and drew our own using a graphite stick and a sketching pencil to show all of the different branches and leaf shapes. We also drew the details of a Tudor house and the shapes of the buildings in London in 1666, ready to make a silhouette of the skyline.  We added this to bottom of our sky, full of flames which makes the buildings look like they are ablaze.

In Science, we have been finding even more about different materials and how suitable they are for what they are used for.  We did research on the internet about how plastic is recycled and then about how John Mc Adam invented new road surfaces so they are smooth to travel on.