October 2022 in Year 2

This term saw the end of our Great Fire of London topic. We celebrated in style by having a massive fire called ‘The Great Fire of Wheatcroft’. We all brought in boxes and decorated them like tudor houses. We then laid them out in rows in the forest school and watched as Mrs Waller set fire to the bakery. The flames took a while to build but the house then quickly burnt down. We then wrote about these in our own poems.

At the end of the term, we learnt some new games that we can play at breaks and lunch times. We also rediscovered some games that we have not played for a while, like What’s the Time, Mr Wolf? We really enjoyed playing with all of the children in KS1 and EYFS.

We also looked at online safety and thought about what to do when people are not being nice to us online or ask for our personal information. We labelled our hands with 5 people we trusted to speak to if we were ever unsure of anything online.