October 2022 in Year 3/4

In English, we have read the book ‘The Paper Bag Princess’ by Robert Munsch. The story reverses the princess and dragon stereotype. The princess tricks the dragon and rescues the prince.

We made our own versions of the story, from a different character’s perspective.

We started our popular ‘buddy’ system for the Year 4 cohort and reception children. They got to know their partner by playing and reading with them each week.

For pupil voice, we asked the children how to stay safe at school feel safe at school:

Charlie – “Don’t be silly on playground or in class.”

Evelyn – “Use your common sense.”

Albie – “Follow the school rules.”

Freija – “Listen to your teacher and don’t leave class without telling your teacher.”

Palak – “At home time make sure you tell the teacher before running to your parent.”

India – “Be sensible.”