Peter Apostolos

Peter Apostolos

I have been a Governor at Wheatcroft School for a number of years. Both my daughters attended the school and are now doing very well in their chosen careers.

I welcome the opportunity to continue to make a difference to the education of the children at Wheatcroft.

Our responsibilities as Governors is to ensure that our children are safe, happy, enjoy their time at school and to be given every opportunity to develop and realise their dreams.

FULL NAME: Mr Peter Apostolos

CATEGORY: Co-Opted Governor

APPOINTING BODY: The Governing Body of Wheatcroft Primary School

TERM OF OFFICE: 15 May 2019 – 7 May 2023

Committee/s served on: Full Governing Body

Details of Responsibility: Deputy Vice Chair, Governor responsible for Health & Safety

Relevant Business Interests: