November 2019 in Reception 1

Reception 1 have been very busy this month with many extra activities organised around our normal curriculum.

It began with a health visitor coming in to tell us all about our teeth and how important it was to really look after them.  It was fun pretending to brush a very large set of teeth!


Before wellbeing week, we made a special glitter jar, rather like a snow globe, which we could shake and look at when we needed some time to stop and think for a while, maybe calm down or share our feelings. The week after, every person came into school to share a skill which they had learnt and was proud of.  We even taught some of the skills to the rest of the class, for example learning a song, doing some yoga and gymnastic moves and making a Lego model.

We all did litter picking around the school using a grabber and wanted to keep our school grounds clean and litter free, caring for our environment and wild animals.

We like to keep active each week and apart from our gym lessons, going on the slide and trim trail, we always like to dance with actions to Go Noodle.

We have enjoyed another reading morning with our mums and dads coming our classroom first thing in the morning, to read to us.

Just recently, some of the year ¾ children visited our class.  They had written some ‘Friendship ‘ stories during wellbeing week which they came to share with us.  They had even created puppets of the characters and a background to show us on the visualiser, as they read their stories.

Our Nativity play, with many fun songs, is being regularly practised and here is a sneak preview of us saying our lines and acting the parts.