February 2020 in Reception 2

Reception 2 have been investigating signs of spring around the school grounds and have found so many spring flowers.  They loved the bright yellow daffodils, the purple and white crocus, the buds starting to grow on the willow and the lovely white blossom on the trees.  They listened to the sounds around too and were happy to hear birds singing and chirping in the trees nearby.

We have been reading traditional tales this month and particularly enjoyed Jack and the beanstalk.   From this, we have learnt how to plant beans and what they need to grow well and have taken them home now to look after.  No magic beans have appeared just yet!  We tried to draw our own pictures of the beanstalk and castle in computing using a ‘2paint’ programme and are getting much better at controlling the mouse and curser to draw.  The giant even left his hand and foot prints and different size beanstalks behind which we measured using and counting cubes.  They were all much bigger than ours!  We used construction and worked together to build a castle with Lego inside and larger plastic and wooden blocks, pallets and tyres outside.

In phonics we have working hard at practising our phase 3 sounds and to make it fun, we have played many types of games including this one with a dice.  We needed to role a number and read an ‘ear’ word t to that number, all during a five minute timer.

Most recently, we had such an interesting visit from a vet and veterinary nurse, for our next topic ‘people who help us’.  They brought in a pretend dog and a range of their specialist equipment which they use to check and operate on the animals they treat.  The highlight was one of us being the anaesthetist and a surgeon.  The dog had eaten all sorts of strange things such as a plastic ball and a chocolate in its wrapper, which we needed to be removed from his tummy.  To end the visit, Dora the explorer, a tortoise, came in to say hello and investigate us.  We could look really closely at her and even stroke her shell.  She was very friendly and a fast mover!

In PE we have been concentrating on being champion gymnasts and creating high and low shapes, remembering to point our fingers and toes.  We have been developing different ways to move under, over, around and along the apparatus and included holding a high or low shapes for four seconds in the sequence.  We have been shown how to jump and land safely and appropriately so have been practising this too.