January 2020 in Reception 2

It’s always fun to be active doing our dances to the Go noodle and we are getting better at doing the moves in time.

We love to build things and here is a construction, with linking shapes.  It is very tall!

Building the train track with our friends is always interesting as we have to decide where each part of the track goes around to meet, so the trains can go all the way around.

In maths, we have been sorting different types of transport which travels in the sky, on land and in the water.

Outside, we like playing with our friends in and on the equipment.  We play cooperatively and were trying not to make people feel too dizzy in the cone!

We were weighing objects to test which ones were lighter, heavier or balanced.  Before we did this we predicted what would happen.

For our display, we carefully painted the characters from Little red riding hood.