Richard Houldsworth

Richard Houldsworth

I am enjoying being a Parent Governor linked to subjects that I feel I can contribute from a strategic perspective.

I feel lucky that I can support in some small way to help Wheatcroft improve and deliver an interesting, fun and safe environment for our children to learn and play.

By working alongside my fellow Governors, school staff and parents, we can ensure their years at Wheatcroft are as happy and fulfilling as possible.

FULL NAME: Mr Richard Houldsworth

CATEGORY: Parent Governor

APPOINTING BODY: The Governing Body of Wheatcroft Primary School

TERM OF OFFICE: 4th December 2017 – 3rd December 2021

Committee/s served on: Full Governing Body

Details of Responsibility: Computing, GDPR

Relevant Business Interests: Web Development Company, Children’s Book Publishing