September 2020 in Year 1/2

During September, we have been busy with our maths, learning about positional language, using spinners to decide on left, right, quarter and half turns.  We have used counters in tens frames, dominoes and playing cards to recognise groups of numbers (to subsidise) and different ways the same number can be regrouped.

In English we enjoyed the story about a young girl going on a journey into an imaginary world which we retold and created our own one, with sentences to describe it.  We all made a lantern to light our way on the journey and added a post it with what we would like to happen to make us happy.

We had fun creating different bubble wands with pipe cleaners bent into different shapes, to investigate whether this made a difference to the shape of the bubbles.

Outside we loved our turn on the trim trail and the next week going on and exploring the T Zone, many of us for the first time.  It was good to try out the climbing wall, fireman’s pole, spider’s net and the monkey bars.