September 2021 in Year 1/2

During Maths, we have been identifying repeat patterns and making our own using 2D shapes.  We have been working on sequencing and ordering numbers smallest to largest using playing cards and finding consecutive numbers starting from a given number.

In History we have been researching castles and completed some super work creating leaflets, posters and even models.

During our Science lessons we have been investigating different materials in our environment.  One of our science homeworks was to find out about habitat.  All of our work was done very well and two of us went to Mrs Miller to receive a Head Teacher’s award for our efforts.

For our special school display, we found out about grizzly bears and wrote some descriptions about them using adjectives.  We also created pictures of them in their habitat using oil pastels and watercolour paints.

In Music, we have been thinking about and sorting tuned and un-tuned instruments.  We really enjoyed playing the glockenspiels to try out the different notes and playing three blind mice altogether like an orchestra.

During golden time, we like making things together and we have built a city for the dinosaurs using 3D coloured shapes and a city made from Duplo.  We like using watercolours to make our own artwork and have started to make corn on the cob for a harvest wreath with collage using yellow, orange and gold tissue paper.

Our PSHE display in class show all of our hands in multi-colour and all of the actions we wanted to include in our class charter for this year.