September 2021 in Year 1

In Year 1 we used finger paints to create our own harvest sweetcorn. We then created a wreath as part of an Autumn display.

In Year 1 each morning we work on our Fine Motor skills, we get to pick a box and work on the activity. Each box contains a different tasks that help us to improve our fine motor skills.

In English we have been writing labels using phoneme frames and have started to explore list poems. We wrote our own based on a cat’s list poem written by Ruth Merttens.

In Maths we explored how to rearrange different numbers on a tens frame, we learnt that if you have 7 cubes you could rearrange them but you would still have 7.

We also looked at ordering numbers and exploring which number goes next in a sequence.

We also looked at ordinal numbers and how we can used them to describe the order of people in a queue.

In Music we have been learning about tuned and untuned instruments. We had a go at playing the nursery rhyme ‘Three Blind Mice’ on the glockenspiel.

We also have had the chance to meet up with our Year 5 buddies. It was great fun to see them.