September 2021 in Year 6

Year 6 have had a great start to the term.

One of our real highlights was our rescheduled trip to Bushcraft at Cuffley Camp – have a look at the Events page for photographs. We enjoyed climbing, night line (which was where we wore blindfolds and had to navigate a tricky course complete with barriers and tunnels!) and buggy making. Buggy making was especially crazy as we then put our instructors Dave, Ash and Angel on our vehicles for a race! We all had a great time and it was lovely to see people pushing themselves to go a little higher on the climbing wall.

Back in class, in Maths we started off looking at Pascal’s triangle to look at all the different patterns within. We had to be very careful when filling it in so errors did not affect our patterns.

In English, we have started off looking at a selection of class clips from BBC wildlife and writing about different sorts of marine life; we are now working on the book Darwin’s Dragons by Lindsay Galvin and are really enjoying the story.

To start the term off, we completed some booklets about ourselves, our hobbies, personalities and interests. We are sure you’ll agree that they look great.

We have also enjoyed starting our topic about Aztecs and are really looking forward to making our headwear – watch this space!

What a busy start to the term!