September 2022 in Reception 1

We have really enjoyed joining Wheatcroft School. We have been learning new routines and meeting new friends.

Every day we have been learning how to use the different resources we have and how to tidy them up. We love tidying up to our tidy up song.

We enjoyed reading Flotsam, our whole school book, and learning about how photos have changed over the years. We created our own imaginary under the sea worlds.

We have been exploring forest school, making pictures with leaves and watching the seasonal changes of Autumn.

In PE we have been learning how to get changed for playing team games and PE. We love playing Captain Smart’s pirate game!

In maths we have been learning to quickly recongise dice patterns without counting the dots and looking at playing cards and dominoes.

We have been introduced to Jigsaw Jennie and have really enjoyed listening to the jigsaw chime and focussing on our breathing, we have also met Bertie Owl who helps us with our RE learning.

We enjoyed our day trip to Athens on International Day. We boarded the Wheatcroft Airlines flight and had in flight snacks. When we landed in Athens we learnt to count in Greek and designed some mazes and made some Greek flags.