September 2022 in Year 1/2

In English we read and did work about the book Flotsam.  Here we imagined that we are looking at through a magnifying glass at objects in the ocean and we wrote about what we can see, what we think and wonder too. We painted some sea creatures using water colour. Here is our lovely display with all of writing and artwork and it is in the hall for everyone to see and enjoy.

In computing we used a 2paint programme to get used to the colour and size of brush to create a portrait of ourselves.

In Science, we have been in detectives to find the different materials we can find in the classroom and outside so we have written what we found out, on the map of the playground.

In PSHE, we have been talking about ourselves and our families, writing in speech bubbles for our family tree and drawings of our families too.  Our hand display, show our rules of how we are going to look after each other and the school. If we get stuck with our work, we can follow our learning pit journey, to help ourselves to succeed and not to give up, to keep on trying.

In Maths we have been using cherry and bar models to divide whole numbers into two and three parts, checking that each part adds up to the whole.  We used counters in bigger cherry and bar models to help us find different ways to do this.

Here is our Science and History working walls and we have super examples of some of our Great Fire of London homework, showing lots of details and information.