September 2022 in Year 2

We have had an enjoyable first month in Year 2 and have explored many new things like The Great Fire of London and Materials!

In Maths, we have been exploring numbers to 20. We have looked at the place value of 2-digit numbers and found the tens and ones. We have begun to use this to answer addition and subtractions and used ‘think-10’ to use number bonds to help us.

In English, we began by looking at Flotsam. We explored the pictures in the story and thought about what was happening, as there were no words. We then thought about the images and questions we could ask. We also explored instructions. We wrote instructions for an alien called Zogus to help her get ready for school. She came in on European Day of Languages and did our work with us!

On European Day of Languages, we explored Denmark. We designed our own flags using patterns instead of filling the flag. We also designed our own version of Nyhvan for the class window. We then wrote a postcard home about our adventures!