September 2022 in Year 5

In Year 5, it has been a lovely start to the academic year. In Science we have been looking into space and discovering how scientists have proved that Earth orbits the sun while simultaneously spins on its own axis like a ballerina. In English we have used the theme of space as a stimulus for our writing. We have examined the effect that figurative language has on the reader, hence the earlier ballerina simile. On International Day we studied the geography and culture of Slovakia. In addition, the children have enjoyed learning about the role the police have in our local community through their “mini police” sessions. So far the children have been taught about different types of anti-social behaviour and the various ways the police manage these offences. We have studied negative numbers and decimals in Maths; hockey and dance in PE; famous astronomers in History; all about our homes in French; human anatomy in Art to name just a few topics. Furthermore, the children spent three wonderful days camping in Cuffley. And we are only four weeks into term.