February 2020 in Year 5

February has whizzed by in Year 5. We have been writing our 500 word short story in English and writing a discussion text on whether Graffiti is vandalism or art. We held a debate to practise using discussion text features before we planned the text.

It has not just been in English that we have been debating, we have also debated in Geography. We debated whether the green belt is positive or negative and made presentations to support our opinion.

In Maths we have started our topic on metric measures and practised converting between them.

In PE we have been practising different events in indoor athletics, such as: shot put, standing long lump, standing triple jump, hurdles and javelin.

In Art we are studying architecture in London and have been sketching some famous landmarks.

In RE we have been studying Christianity, their beliefs and meanings within the Bible. We looked at different passages within the Bible and identified their key messages.

We also really enjoyed ‘Find Your Brave Day’ before half term where we dressed as superheroes and discussed how we can ‘find our brave’. We wrote acrostic poems about bravery and all decided one thing we were going to attempt that we would need to be brave to do.