May 2017 in Year 5

This month, in Maths we have been looking at data handling. We have been investigating how to read and interpret data from a variety of charts and graphs. We have been linking this to our Science investigation work where we have been including results tables and graphs to show the relationship between surface shape and water resistance.

In Computing we have started learning about personal data and e-safety on line. We have been investigating both what we can do as individuals to keep ourselves safe as well as identifying how businesses can ensure the safety of their customer’s data.

In Science, we have been continuing our topic on Forces and learning about water resistance. We carried out an experiment to see whether shape affects water resistance. In our groups we took two equally sized pieces of play dough; we made one into a ball shape and one into a different shape of our choice. We then timed how long each took to fall through a given amount of water. We concluded that best shapes to reduce water resistance were ones with a pointed end. We linked this back to how boats with a streamlined shape, are able to cut through water quicker.