Wheatcroft vs Bengeo November 2017

On Tuesday 14th November Wheatcroft played Bengeo school! The team was Mario, Ben, Mark, Zack, Aaron, Sam, Oliver, William, Freddie.

The match kicked off and the first half ended at 0-0 . Then Mario made some amazing saves! Just then Bengeo went 1-0 up! Then they went 2-0 up! Then Ben missed a sitter! But, then, Aaron does a through ball to Ben who shoots, and SCORES top corner to make it 2-1! Then the goal scorer gets taken off. Mario makes some more EPIC saves to keep it 2-1! When all hope seemed lost Myles ran down the flanks and passed a brilliant ball and then then Aaron hit it first touch and what a strike it was a goal to make it 2-2 in the score line Wheatcroft were back at full strength but then Bengeo came back running down the wing he had a shot a brilliant save but it’s gone back to the opposition and Mario couldn’t get there in time and it slit in the back of the net and the whistle blows for full time! 3-2 to Bengeo was the final score! What a game the score was unbelievable. The Man of The Match was, OLIVER! He played well at the back and could join the attack when needed.

Written by Mario and Ben