January 2020 in Year 1

This month we have been very busy and it was lovely to be able to share our class assembly with you all to show you our fantastic hard work!

In PE we have been having gymnastics with Mr Nicholls and have enjoyed using the wall apparatus. We have been learning how to keep ourselves safe and how to move our bodies in different ways including narrow, wide and curled. In our last lesson we will be putting our movements together to create small routines.

In English we have been learning about stories from different cultures, with a focus on Africa. We have learnt all about the continent and enjoyed reading a variety of different stories including “We’re Going on a Lion Hunt”, “Masai and I” and “Lilah and the Secret of the Rain”. We looked at different settings in Africa such as the mountains, the desert and the plains and we used adjectives to describe them. We chose a setting and planned our own African stories.

In Maths we have been focusing on 2D and 3D shapes recently. The children have been learning specific language to describe shapes such as edges, sides, corners, curved, straight, faces and vertices.

This month we also celebrated “Beatrix Potter Day”. We enjoyed dressing up as our favourite characters and learning all about her life. In the afternoon we learnt about woodland animals and created our own characters for her stories.