November 2019 in Year 1

This month we visited Hertford Castle and celebrated the end of our History topic with a fun filled Castle Day. As residents of Hertford we are extremely lucky to have a castle right on our doorstep and the children loved exploring the grounds as a class. It was interesting for the children to see the different features of a castle in real life such as the battlements, the old moat, the original drawbridge entrance and the old motte and bailey. The children were so knowledgeable and enjoyed sharing their information with our tour guide; she was very impressed.


When we returned to school we hosted Castle Day where the adults and children dressed up as residents of a castle such as Kings, Queens and servants. In the morning we had a rotation of activities. These including learning traditional Tudor dances, looking at who is next in line to the throne and the royal family tree and an activity making our own coat of arms. In the afternoon we used large boxes and tubes to create our own junk model castles in groups. The children were so excited and I was very impressed with their creativity. Thank you to all parents who helped on this special day.


At the end of this month we also celebrated our annual Decorations Day. We loved swapping classes and working with our siblings and friends from other year groups. We enjoyed decorating the school ready for December and making reindeers out of candy canes.