October 2019 in Year 1

This month we have been working hard in Maths to secure our number knowledge to 20. We have been using tens frames to support addition and cherry tree models to help us find one more than an amount.

Our topic in Music this half term is making musical instruments. We have been learning about instruments that can play a tune (e.g. piano, guitar, xylophone) and instruments which only have sound (e.g. drum, triangle). We then made a guitar using paper plates and rubber bands of different thickness to create “notes” and a kazoo which could only play one note. The children really enjoyed this topic.

This month Year 1s also had the opportunity to attend the Infant Agility Workshop at Wodson Park. The children took part in 6 different skill activities such as balancing, throwing, aiming and jumping. They were extremely well behaved and represented our school wonderfully. Well done Year 1!!