September 2019 in Year 1

What an exciting first month we have had in Year 1. The children have really settled into their new routines and I have been really impressed with their maturing attitude. The transition between Reception and Year 1 can be difficult but the children have showed resilience and have impressed me with their attitude towards their learning.

In Maths we have been focusing on representing numbers using tens frames and recognising patterns in number. The children are now able to make numbers to 20 on a tens frame and are working on showing one more and one less.

In English we started with list poems – a series of poems which list items found in a character’s pocket. The children loved choosing their own characters and making lists of the items they would find. We used adjectives to make our writing more interesting and tried to make them funny such as having a tissue the size of an elephant in there!

On Monday 30th September the children also took part in the Infant Agility afternoon at Wodson Park. There were 6 different stations of activities and the children worked around each one throughout the afternoon. The children worked really hard and I could see them concentrating, especially when trying to balance on a thin wall! The leaders of the event were really impressed with the children and a fun day was had by everyone!