December 2018 in Year 1/2

This month has been an extremely busy month for Year 1-2 and the whole of KS1. We really enjoyed learning the lines, songs and dances for our play “Lights, Camel, Action” and we really hoped you loved watching it as much as we loved performing it. The children all worked so hard and all of the staff in KS1 were impressed with the effort and enthusiasm the children put into the show.

To finish the term, we had a week of D&T lessons focusing on moving pictures. We started the week by exploring the different ways pictures could move and be interactive within stories. We then practised different techniques such as sliders, wheels, flaps and levers. The children then created their own pages for a story book, thinking about what objects in their picture would move and how it would do so. We had great fun creating our moving pictures on the last day of term.

In Science, we explored different types of material and whether or not they were waterproof in order to find the best rain coat for a teddy bear. We focused on fair testing, keeping everything the same except for the material being used. We used pipettes to drop water on to the material and kept going until the water came through. If the water had not come through after 10 drops, we believed the material to be waterproof.