January 2019 in Year 1/2

In English this month we have been learning about shape poems and riddles. We started by looking at calligrams which are words written to look like the object. We then thought about how we could extend this to writing poems which are in the shape of the objects being written about. First we collated ideas about our object, then we turned our ideas into a poem and lastly, we used a shape template to give it the correct shape. We had great fun!

After shape poems, we learnt about riddles. These are a set of clues or a poem where the reader has to guess what is being written about. We realised that you need to start with general clues at the beginning e.g. it is big or it is grey. This keeps the reader guessing as it could be a number of objects. Then you need to make your clues more specific to help your reader to guess the object by the end of the riddle e.g. it has a trunk.

In PE we have been learning about different jumps and how to land safely. We performed our jumps on big pieces of apparatus making sure we kept our backs straight and looked forward rather than down. We then turned our jumps into a small routine. We enjoyed performing them to each other.

In Maths this week we have been focusing on pictograms and collecting data. We did a class survey asking our friends which fruit was their favourite. We collected the information using tally charts and then turned this into a pictogram. Once we had created our pictogram we answered questions such as “What is the difference between the orange and the banana?” This basically means, “How many more people chose orange than banana?” The children worked really hard.