January 2020 in Year 2

This month we have been busy exploring our new topics about Beatrix Potter and got the chance to learnt about try some of the vegetables that you might find in Mr McGregor’s Garden. We used our senses to explore the different vegetables. We then thought about which ones we would like to use in our vegetables quiches. We also learnt about ways to keep us safe when we are cooking.

This term we are also learning about plants and trees in our Science lessons. We looked at different tress in the playground and noticed that some had leaves and some didn’t. We learnt that some tree are evergreen trees and keep their leaves all year round and other lose their leaves in Autumn, these are called deciduous trees.

In English we have been reading the story ‘Traction Man’, we thought about the adventure that he might go on and wrote our own adventures for him in the style of a comic book.