January 2020 in Year 3

This January we have been introduced to some exciting new topics. We have learnt all about the Anglo-Saxons in History and found out about different places that they lived in. We have read Leon and the Place Between and produced some exciting endings to the story and we have also been exploring shape in Maths.

We have looked at a variety of 2D shapes in Maths and explored their properties. We have learnt about different angles, lines and perimeter. We took our learning outside and explored the perimeter of the playground – we all had similar answers so we must have measured really well.

We have also started an exciting topic in Science – electricity. We have found out how electricity is made, where is comes from and how it is used. In our lessons we have set up tests on circuits to find out if they are complete or incomplete. Some of us challenged ourselves to light up two lightbulbs. We found out the bulbs are not as bright because they have the same amount of electrical current as one bulb did.