February 2020 in Year 4

February has flown by in Year 4 and we have had lots of fun this month.

In English we read Leon and the place between and wrote our own adventure set in a magical world. We thought about adjectives and adverbs and even learnt how to punctuate speech correctly and include that in our writing. Some of our class went along to a writing workshop and got the opportunity to work with the poet Neil Zetter.

In Maths we have been continuing to learn our multiplication facts as well as learning to add and subtract decimals and fractions.

18 Year 4’s have been working really hard on our dance festival performance. They have been attending a lunch time club and on Wednesday 26th February went along to Hertford Theatre for a rehearsal and then in the evening we performed our dance in front of an audience of about 300 people.

We have been thinking about electricity in Science, making circuits and learning about conductors. We have really enjoyed building circuits with buzzers, motors and lights in.

On Friday 14th February we had Find your Brave Day. We thought about how to find our brave and made posters and wrote acrostic poems about being brave.