December 2018 in Year 6

Wow – what a busy term this has been! We have finally left space behind and in Geography, focussed on what is happening under our feet by studying earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes. We completed a puzzle to help us understand what Pangea was and learned about Alfred Wegner’s theory of plate tectonics. We also looked at different types of volcanoes and learned how they occur – we enjoyed making models.

In German, we learned about the story of St Niklaus and why German children leave their (cleaned!) shoes outside on December 5th. We enjoyed making our own ‘Stiefel’ and hope maybe although we are late, Nicklaus may leave us a treat.

Decorations Day was, always, a particular highlight, especially the paper chain-making competition again Year 5/6. This ended up raising lots of money at the PTFA Christmas event – great!

In English, we have really enjoyed writing our non-linear quest stories in a ‘choose-your-own-adventure- style. These involved a lot of planning but we enjoyed using interesting vocabulary and structures to really make our reader feel like they’re in the tale.

We are really proud of the hard work this term and are very ready for a rest. We are looking forward to writing our entries for the Rotary Essay competition in January – look out for these soon!