December 2019 in Year 6

What another busy month we have had! We have finished our Aztec masks and had great fun on Aztec Day completing these. We also made gods’ eyes, which are woven from wool and thread and are spiritual objects made by weaving different designs. These were much more complicated than they looked! We also played an Aztec game, patolli, which is one of the oldest known games. It is a game of strategy that is deceptively simple!

In PE, we have enjoyed working with Mr Nicholls this term and completed sequences involving counter tension and counter balance: pulling and pushing balances respectively. We thought about control, different connection points, levels and flow between positions to make our work really flow.

In French, we have been thinking about different verbs (doing words) and have looked at three main types: -er, -ir and –re. We have found out that they change (are conjugated) depending on who is ‘doing’ the verb; we played games and learned rhymes to help with this.

In English, we have focussed on the True Story of the Three Little Pigs, holding a court case and writing newspaper articles and examples of letters from lawyers, protesting the wolf’s innocent; we had great fun doing this!

Finally, in PSHE our topic has been ‘Celebrating Difference’; we looked at famous Paralympians and designed ‘Achievement Accolades’ for them, to celebrate their amazing achievements!