February 2020 in Year 6

Another busy month in Year 6!

We really enjoyed ‘Find Your Brave Day’ at the end of the February half-term, where we dressed as people who inspired us. We thought about different ways to be brave, designed art to represent this and also designed our own motivational quotes.

In Art, we have been looking at buildings and architecture, focussing particularly on the work of Sir Christopher Wren. We recreated some sections of his famous works, most notably St Paul’s Cathedral in London.

In French, we have been working on our adjectival endings and produced sentences explaining what we wear in different seasons. We conjugated the verb porter and then chose the correct colour adjective ending depending on the gender (masculine or feminine) and singular/plural type of noun.

In English, we have been working on balanced discussions, considering graffiti whether is it art or vandalism and also technology: help or hindrance? To complement our graffiti work, we designed our own tags to decorate the classroom. We have also enjoyed writing our entries into the BBC 500Words competition. Please do come in and have a read of them in our class book!

What a busy month!