November 2019 in Year 6

In German, we have looked at the story of Saint Martin; Martinsfest is celebrated in Germany on 11th November.

Using the dictionaries, we translated some key words, then watched the story in German. We used the cartoon and the key words to help us understand the meaning, then ordered it.

Martin ist ein guter Mann!

We also enjoyed many activities in Wellbeing Week: we started off by litterpicking outside the school to see how we could improve the local environment, as well as completing the Daily Mile challenge and of course, our team event – Harvest!

In Maths, we have cracked short division and are feeling really confident when using this method for numbers using decimals. We have then transferred this knowledge into being able to convert fractions into decimals by using key facts or division. We are now calculating percentages of amounts and are very quick at working out money off!

In English, we have enjoyed finishing the switching genre work and enjoyed re-writing the story of the ’Three Little Pigs’ into sci fi, mystery and comedy. We then took a look at ‘The True Story of the Three Little Pigs’ where the wolf protests his innocence and held a court case to decide whether he was or not. We found him guilty and then we wrote newspaper articles discussing the trial – great fun!

Finally, we enjoyed being creative and have started our Aztec papier mache masks ready to decorate on Aztec Day next week!