October 2019 in Year 6

In D&T, we have been thinking about branding. We looked at a range of packaging, boxes and bags and thought carefully about logo, slogan and use of colour and how that brand attracts its customers; this will help us to design an effective brand for our own items. We also had great fun playing the logo game!

In Maths, we have been focussing on mental strategies in particular. We used different problems and strategy cards and had to use our reasoning to convince a partner why our method was the best. We have also honed out knowledge of factors by investigating a perfect number; we found this explanation from nrich helpful (https://nrich.maths.org/2555)

  • People have been searching for number patterns since ancient times. Mathematicians noticed that some numbers are equal to the sum of all of their factors(but not including the number itself).
  • 6 is a number that equals the sum of its factors: 1 + 2 + 3 equal 6.
  • Numbers like 6 that equal the sum of their factors are called perfect
  • 6 is the first perfect number. 4 is not a perfect number because the sum of its factors (besides 4 itself), 1+2, is less than 4.
  • Numbers like 4 are known as deficient numbers. 12 is not a perfect number because the sum of its factors, 1+2+3+4+6 is greater than 12.
  • Numbers like 12 are known as abundant numbers.

We really enjoyed this investigation and it helped us remember the difference between factors and multiples.

In PSHE, we have also been thinking about British values; we thought about what each one means and how they are represented within our school. Finally on Wellbeing Day, we really enjoyed team games. We started off by each having a coloured dot on our heads; we then had to find people with the same colours but without using our voices! Another particular challenge was to make a tower of 6 plastic cups, using only some string and an elastic band; we weren’t allowed to touch the cups! We had a great day; thank you to Miss Brown for helping to organise this.