September 2019 in Year 6

Welcome to Year 6! Although we haven’t been here for long, we have been very busy. In maths, we have kicked off our work with some investigations involving Pascal’s Triangle, allowing us to spot lots of great patterns; we have also found out what triangular numbers are and how they grow. Additionally, we have covered negative numbers, rounding, ordering and place value; we had great time playing the negative numbers balloon game!
In PE, we have been looking at tag rugby and hockey, in particular teamwork and passing in both sports and have been very lucky with the weather. In Science, we have considered what is meant by inheritance and the features and traits we get from our parents, as well as how people and animals have developed over time. We completed a ‘dog DNA’ activity and designed our own pooch based on inherited traits.
In English, we started with the work based on ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ to tie in with our whole school work. We were surprised one day when the chairs quit and we wrote articles about this; we also imagined what would happen if other items in our school quit and wrote letters in character as these things.