Sports Day

On Wednesday we had a KS2 Sports day. First of all, we did a warm up, which was run by Mr Goodman and the newly appointed Sports Captains, who were Amy and Harry for the blues, Jessica and Sam for the Reds, Mia and Tyrese for the Yellows and Becky and Presley for the Greens. After some organisational checks, we were ready to start.


There were a lot of activities for us to be enjoying. For example: standing long jump – this really used our leg muscles. Hurdles, which was our favourite because it was fun to do. Javelin – this used our arms. Speed bounce, which was tiring. Baton relay, which was exhausting. Slalom dribbling, which tested our football skills. Shotput – this was a lot of work. Then finally a rest stop, which was where you sat down and had a break and a drink.

We had five minutes at each activity.

Time went quite quickly as we were having fun and it wasn’t long until we had to clear up all the equipment to make the track clear for the running races.

We were then put into our racing groups and waited until it was our turn to run.

The races were really close and lots of fun. We clapped and cheered for our friends and teammates.


Finally, we held on to hear the final results.


4th – Blue (5564 points)

3rd – Green (5705 points)

2nd – Yellow (5861 points)

1st – Red (6585 points)


Sports Captains Jess and Sam went to collect the trophy, lifting it with pride as the Reds managed to retain their title.