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Concerns & Complaints

We care about what you think


Each day our school makes many decisions and tries hard to do the best for all the children.  Your comments – either positive or negative – are helpful for future planning.

You may want to talk to us about a particular aspect of this school, though not actually make a complaint – you just want to get something ‘off your chest’.

If you are dissatisfied about the way your child is being treated, or any actions or lack of action by us, please feel free to contact us.

Our aims

  • Your complaint will be dealt with honestly, politely and in confidence.
  • Your complaint will be looked into thoroughly and fairly.
  • If your complaint is urgent we will work to deal with it more quickly.
  • We will keep you up to date with progress at each stage.
  • You will get an apology if we have made a mistake.
  • You will be told what we are going to do, if reasonable & possible, to put things right.

For more information, please see: