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Vision & Values

Always be…

kind, respectful, determined, responsible and ready to learn


At Wheatcroft, our goal is to create a safe, respectful and welcoming environment for our children and their community in which everyone is encouraged to be a lifelong learner.

We are committed to the following:

  • Creating a sense of belonging where everyone is included;
  • Providing a caring and supportive environment where children can flourish;
  • Providing children with high quality and varied learning opportunities which take place both within and beyond the classroom;
  • Providing an engaging curriculum which offers a range of fun and exciting learning experiences;
  • Developing the whole child, ensuring they are confident and resilient;
  • Providing a happy and secure environment fostering the wellbeing of all;
  • Working closely with our families and the local community;
  • Supporting and celebrating success for all;
  • Encouraging everyone to be the best they can be
  • Developing our staff and giving everyone the opportunity to succeed

The welfare of each and every child will be at the centre of everything we do.