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Term Dates

Spring Term 2021

Tue 5th January, 8:55am - 3:15pm Start of Spring Term
Mon 15th February - Fri 19th February Spring Half Term
Fri 26th March, 8:55am - 2:30pm End of Spring Term

Summer Term 2021

Tue 13th April, 8:55am - 3:15pm Start of Summer Term
Mon 31st May - Fri 4th June Summer Half Term
Tue 20th July, 8:55am - 2:30pm End of Summer Term

Autumn Term 2021 (Core Dates)

Thu 2nd September Start of Autumn Term
Mon 25th October - Fri 29th October Autumn Half Term
Tue 21st December End of Autumn Term

Please note that Inset and Occasional Days have not been set for the 2021-2022 school year, and will be issued at a later date but the Autumn Term start date will be no earlier than 2nd September 2021