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The governors are responsible for the overall direction and effective management of the school, and for providing the best possible education for the pupils, whilst acting within the framework set by legislation. The Governing Body is therefore involved in formulating and setting policies and determining strategies. Governors are not however expected to take detailed decisions about the day-to-day running of the school. The Headteacher is responsible for the internal management and organisation of the school and its staff.

Wheatcroft governing body has up to 11 members: 3 elected parent governors, 1 elected staff governor, 1 governor appointed by the local education authority (LEA), 5 governors co-opted from the schools community and the Head Teacher.

Current Governors

Chair – Daniel Hewitt

Vice-Chair – Rachael Adler

Rachael Adler – Local Authority and Parent
Leon Brown – Co-opted
Simon Foster – Parent
Daniel Hewitt – Co-opted
Paula Koniotes – Staff
Debbie Miller – Head Teacher

Summary of Governors’ Responsibilities:

Current Governors:

Name of Governor Governor Type Date of Appointment Attendance at FGB Meeting 2022-23 Link Governor Roles
Rachael Adler – Vice Chair LA/Parent 04/12/2017 6/7 Finance & Premises
Leon Brown Co-opted 02/02/2022 5/7 Safeguarding, Pupil Premium, Sports Premium, Deputy Health & Safety
Simon Foster Parent 26/04/2021 5/7 Health & Safety, Deputy Safeguarding
Daniel Hewitt -Chair Co-opted 11/10/2023

30/09/2020 –



Paula Koniotes Staff Governor 11/10/2023
Debbie Miller Headteacher Continual from 01/09/2017 7/7


Past Governors:

Name of Governor Governor Type Date of Appointment & Expiry Attendance at FGB Meetings 21/22 Link Governor Roles
Peter Apostolos Co-Opted 15/05/2019 –
Gemma Mcleod (nee Dienel) Staff 30/09/2020 – 31/08/23 5/7 (2022-2023)
Jan Myers CWP Chair Co-Opted 02/02/2022 – 10/07/2023 7/7 (2022-2023) Well Being, CWP Chair, Deputy EYFS
Jo Pierce Parent 25/05/2023 – 11/10/2023 2/2
Hayley Reader Parent 26/04/2021 – 13/10/2023 4/7 EYFS
Anne Riches Co-Opted 11/10/2022 – 26/09/2023 5/6 (2022-2023) Deputy SEND
Judith Sparks Co-Opted 09/10/2019-08/10/2023 7/7 (2022-2023) SEND

Key:  FGB   = Full Governing Body

NOTE: All meetings are now Full Governing Body Meetings, which all Governors are required to attend . From time to time smaller Working Groups are set up to address specific issues and/or projects such as Rebranding, Major Building projects etc.

For more information about any of the current Governors, please follow the links on the right.